Heart of the Horse

JP Dyal and Lisa Calder started Heart of the Horse for YOU! Heart of the horse is built on  Mindfulness in Horsemanship with 30 years of combined extensive horsemanship and personal development skills. JP and Lisa bring a unique and fresh approach to help us open our hearts through working with our horses by becoming aware of our inner landscape and breaking through our barriers. The horse’s heart is always open; It's the human’s heart that needs the help. In doing so we can have a stronger connection with our horses, ourselves, and the relationships around us. Opening the heart between the horse and human is our love, Transformation is our passion.

JP Dyal is not your typical horseman. He grew up in the Florida Keys and was a corporate executive until he lost everything. It was then his life was saved by a horse. While JP has competed in many different disciplines, his true gift and passion is transforming the lives of horses and their people by combining his leadership development experience along with his soft and light style of horsemanship. 

Lisa Calder is the creator of Mindful Horsemanship.  Her one of a kind approach to horsemanship combines personal development and a unique way of using the breath while working with the horse, creating an unbreakable bond of true connection. Lisa believes if we are only working on our horse, we are missing the art of horsemanship. One must change their unconscious behaviors from within, in order to create lasting change in their relationships.

“I'm not sure I can do justice through words to explain what it is that JP does that makes him so talented. Yes, it is part patience, practice, technique but it also seems a bit like magic to me. I've not only witnessed it first hand with me and Frosty but every time I've watched JP work with other horses and their owners.“ 

Kerry Messer

“My Experience with Lisa has tuned my intuitive skills as a trainer. One of a kind insight to the horses’ perspective of us, made crystal clear. A must have awareness to go heart to heart with your horse.” 

Danna De Pello